Youth Allowance Tertiary Student Activity Agreement Form

A student card (ID) or personal identification number (PIN code) will be issued by the educational institution at the time of registration. If you have received any of the numbers, enter them in this field, z.B JS12345. In order to maintain consistency with the student information policy, as defined by law, and with new amendments extending the income allowance to masters, an additional change is needed to remove the current restriction on the income allowance for students who have already obtained a master`s degree. This change does not affect the current time and progress rules that are maintained. It also does not apply to PhD students. Austudy`s clients are not entitled to payment as a student if they have already completed their doctoral studies (this exclusion applies only to austudy according to s569 (2) SSA). There is no reference to youth assistance. A young person is not considered a full-time student for YA purposes if it is: if you are a person with a disability over 25, who has a significant physical, psychiatric or mental disability and is therefore unable to attend full-time studies or a minimum duration course allowed to other students , you can attend at least 25% of normal full-time studies for the course while receiving courses. This includes studying part-time workload of at least 25% or more of a full-time equivalent course.

The student loan is a voluntary, interest-free loan that is available to full-time students eligible for higher education receiving youth assistance, a subsistence allowance or an ABSTUDY life allowance. The purpose of the loan is to help cover the pre-study costs, such as textbooks and specialized equipment. Example: Alice started a three-year bachelor`s degree in 2013. Assuming Alice`s units are one semester, she has three and a half years to take the course and be a student for YA. If she continues to pass the activity test, Alice will reach her satisfactory progress time at the end of the first semester of 2016 and will no longer be eligible for this YA course as a student. Note: Recipients from the age of 22 who do not complete full-time education are no longer eligible for ya.