Roommate Agreement Osu

In case of conflict with the roommates, it is your responsibility to draw up your differences civilly, to respect courtesy, sensitivity and respect. If you are developing a conflict that you do not seem to be resolving, contact your Resident Advisor (RA). He/she was trained to listen and provide additional ideas for resolving the conflict. Roommate Fairs takes place every semester and are great opportunities to meet potential roommates in a safe and entertaining environment. A student card is required before participating in the event. We recommend that any student who is looking for a roommate post a roommate ad before the Roommate Fair, so that anyone who has not received your information can contact you. Online roommate search is protected by the username and password, so you need an OSU username and password to access it. New users sign up every day, so you feel free to often use searching for roommates online. We encourage roommates to establish and sign a roommate agreement at the beginning of the year to avoid any misunderstandings. Although most off-campus leases are 11 months or 12 months of leases, many students decide to return home during the summer months. Whether or not you live in the rented apartment, you are responsible for paying your rent on time.

Make sure you and your roommates know each other`s summer plans and that you all agree. The best way to present clear expectations is to develop/sign a roommate agreement. It is imperative that you and your roommates discuss all points of the roommate agreement and talk about an agreement. You will find a model of agreement with the roommates in the Off-Campus Living Guide and in the roommate agreement. If you live on the Oregon State campus, you are surrounded by other beavs who will help, make friends and inspire you. Some of the most important people by your side in the trip? Your roommates. Here are some tips to help you understand and navigate the roommate selection process. Your relationship with your roommates can affect your life experience and happiness. Personal problems with a roommate can cause unnecessary stress. Remember, friends are not always the best roommates. If your conflict persists beyond your RA, you can contact your Hall Manager.

He or she will continue to mediate with all the members present in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. If the two roommates refuse to find an amicable solution, the two roommates are subject to a move depending on their availability. Your roommate ad doesn`t contain your name and/or personal details (unless you want to see this information on the site). Even if people contact you, they don`t have an email address. Users must fill out a web form that will be emailed to you. After this first point of contact, it is up to you to respond and/or provide additional personal information to the user. Put yourself in the other person`s shoes. If you still don`t seem to see things from your roommate`s point of view, you may be free to contradict.