Point Bathroom Cleaning Plan

Firstly, much like virtually any sort of cleaning, you must aim to work all the way through, in other words, clean the top surfaces prior to lower, like this you will avoid splashing areas you’ve already dealt with, inside them for hours to redo work.

Clear any surfaces by moving any toiletries, pots and packets outside the way
Wipe over chrome fittings having a proprietary scale remover and then leave per instructions
Pour a generous quantity of bleach up round the rim in the toilet by leaving
Clear any cobwebs or dust from the surface of walls and ceiling
Wipe which has a lightly bleached cloth all-around your window frame and within the frame associated with a opening widows. This will prevent mould growing
Wipe a damp rag on top surface of a typical wall cabinets. Rinse and repeat.
Clean mirrors and shower panels having a clear proprietary window cleaner along with a piece of kitchen roll. Re-wipe using a dry sheet
Rinse scale remover from chrome fittings
Spray all surfaces with bathroom cleaner built to remove soap, scum and the entire body fat making sure that you spray around and underneath tap and shower fittings
Leave the cleaner around the surfaces for a couple minutes (influenced by manufacturers instructions) then fill sink and bath using a couple of inches of trouble.
Take a clean j-cloth or similar and employ it to flood the surfaces and taps allowing water to flow back into the basin/shower. Repeat this procedure then drain away the stream and rinse basin/bath
If you’ve got a detachable shower head, flood other places carefully with clean cold water to rinse, otherwise make use of a rinsed j-cloth
Run within the whole area with another slightly damp cloth to dry and polish
Use a toilet brush inside loo to thoroughly scrub together with the bleached water then flush.
Pour a surfactant toilet cleaner inside bowl (this sticks for the sides and give a fresh smell) but make sure you’ve got flushed away bleach first
Finally provide floor a sweep along with a wipe down using a moist cloth (determined by floor covering).
Last thing, open a window with an hour or so and obtain some outside in. This will maintain the bathroom fresh and inhibit the development of mould on windows and ceilings

Use this to be a guide on your bathroom cleaning and you will probably keep it nice and clean.