Automatic Screw Locking Machine

Automatic Feeder Machine / Automatic Dispenser machine for screws

Automatic Screw Feeding machine and screw dispensers can be used for manufacturing of devices. They are used in finishing screw locking in product assembly. They ensure that the function of good packaging in products. Their dimensions typically are 1900 by 800 by 600 mm. Their run range is effectively 800 by 400 by 200 mm which is often adjusted in accordance with the size of this product. The Electrical configuration is BM6-Z that is high precision with Z axis module locked. It includes a cylinder which can be THK KK-60, components which might be SMC, motor driver from Panasonic, bits from Japan which can be from HIOS Screwdriver, touchscreen display from WEINVIEW, KEYENCE FOS and Vacuum tube from MISUMI.

Here is when the machine works: Load products manually, sets the jig position automatically, locking mode starts running automatically, lock screw is automatically finished, after which unload these products manually. The machine features an EXCEL File import of coordinates. It adopts a Japanese BM6-Z locking module as well as a screening feeder which is directly intelligent. The machine automatically finishes locking the screw depending on the pre-set coordinates. The Replacement products merely need modification of point coordinates of PLC lock. The machine incorporates a yield that’s High on first pass and it is precise. At the same time, the screw excellence of the lock is extremely stable and inherently reliable, the auxiliary function carries a slip detection in screw can also include a leakage detection of screw lock. The machine also incorporates a screw fluctuating lock recognition, statistics for bad screws and detection for screw in. It also carries a CCD based visual programming feature, to make sure good accuracy and convenience. This machine is acceptable to use for toys, computer, photoelectric and products crafted from plastic.

Multiple Spindle in line Rotation Automatic Tightening Machine / Automatic Fastening Machine for screws

The machine dimension is dependant on product size and is also typically about 1900 by 800 by 600 mm. Its XYZ dimensions typically are 800mm by 400mm by 200mm. Its power consumption differs from about 300W to 750W. The frame consists of a Steel plate, a rectangular tube with an aluminium alloy frame. The mechanism includes a Lead screw robotic cylinder, a servo motor as well as an Electrical/pneumatic combination. It carries a self feeding BM6-Z feeding path for the screws. The lock speed from the screw depends upon the length with the screw and route, it typically is 1.5-2.5 sec/time.

Most machines in this particular category have a very maximum running speed of 500mm/s. These kinds of machines are widely-used to the finished product screws locking on assembly lines, to ensure that the merchandise get a good function in packaging. These machines use a coordinate import function from EXCEL files. These Machines offer an automatic locking screw finishing feature that operates according to the pre-set coordinates. These machines offer a high quality initial pass yield and accuracy. The quality of lock screw is reliable and stable.