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Most people buy real estate property because they are told it’s a good investment. Not many men and women argue that unfortunately, one bad tenant can ruin many years of investment gains. A properly written lease agreement form sets the terms the landlord and tenant accept to when renting a condo. You are putting yourself with a much higher risk if you want to not employ a written agreement.

The most essential items to include in your lease agreement form will be the following:

1. Parties Involved and Not Involved inside the Lease Agreement.

A. Name from the Landlord or Agent on the Landlord. You must include contact details for the landlord or agent with the landlord contact details so the tenant has the capacity to send any notices associated with their tenancy.

B. Name in the tenants. You want to are the name of all the so-called tenants who definitely are living on the property. This makes each tenant legally accountable for all terms from the agreement.

C. Name of Additional Occupants. You want to include any children and other people that happen to be living there but that are not on the rental agreement (ie. Family members, children, and etc).

2. Financial Terms on the Agreement.

A. Term in the tenancy. State just how long your rental agreement is at effect. Most rental agreements are generally month-to-month and a set term.

B. Rent.

I. Amount: State the amount in the rent that’s due.

II. Due Date: State in the event the rent is born. It is normally the first in the month.

III. Approved Method of Payment: There are a number options for rent payment like email money transfer, electronic funds transfer, payment by way of a website, post dated cheque, certified cheque, or cash.

IV. Late Fees: State the physical conditions under which the tenant will incur late fees

C. Security Deposit: State just how much due (You need to adhere to your areas Residential Tenancy Laws)

3. Services.

A. Services as part of the rent: Some examples could be lawn care, utilities, cleaning, fridge, stove, microwave, and etc

B. Services not within the rent: Some of examples might be utilities, garbage collection, and dishwasher

4. Repairs and Maintenance.

A. Tenants Responsibility: The tenant’s responsibility is usually to keep the rental premises clean and sanitary and also to pay for any damage attributable to his or her abuse or neglect.

B. Land Lords Responsibility: To maintain the home so that it is a secure place to live. The land lord normal covers repairs of common usage.

5. Termination of Agreement. State the amount of notice the landlord or tenant should give the other to cancel the agreement. You also want to include under the other conditions the agreement might be cancelled under short notice.

6. General Rules and Regulations. You can include various laws of your respective local Residential Tenancy Act into it. It is recommended that you copy and paste right out in the Residential Tenancy Act

This may be the basics of your Lease Agreement Form. You should seek legal counsel from a lawyer committed to residential property if you have questions. The lease agreement is document from many that really should be in the tenant file.

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