A Place to Sit for Someone Who Doesn’t Need to Stand

My father had a bad back because of all of his years working in the factory. He was a product inspector, and he would have to lean forward and look at products that were coming off of an assembly line. These days, he doesn’t have to work that job anymore, but the effects of working have taken their toll on him. At least now he can sit in the recliner with ottoman that I bought for him over the holidays. He’s really been enjoying the feel of the leather on his body, and he likes being able to put his feet up while he watches his favorite game show on television.

I came up with the idea of getting the recliner for my father when I went to visit one of those furniture stores that have all of the products written in Swedish. I was going to buy a new table to assemble, and came across some chairs. They didn’t have any chairs in the store that my father would want, but this did lead to me looking online for some, and I found a website that was selling them along with the ottoman. I thought about buying one for myself, but I decided that I would wait until I gave my father his chair. I wanted my father to test the chair out first, and if he liked it, I would buy one.

Since the recliner and ottoman are a big hit with my father, I’ll be ordering one soon. My father has a black leather chair, but I think the brown leather will be a better match for the decor that is already in my home. My wife suggested a white chair, but I don’t want to get that because I think it will show any dirty spots easier than darker colors.