Figma License Agreement

By email: Via U.S. Mail: Welcome to the Website De FigMA (“Figma”) ( (the “website”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully (the “Conditions”) as they govern your use of our websites, including, and other sites we own or manage later (“Site” or “Websites”); mobile applications (“App (s)”), application program interfaces (“APIs”) and our design tool services and other products and services that we may own or operate later (called “services” at the same time). If you are a registered user, Figma grants you a limited, non-exclusive, global, non-transferable, non-licensed license for accessing and displaying content (including user content) only in relation to your authorized use of the Services. When you create a design and/or project, you give Figma the rights and licenses to make the content of the project available to you, your team members, other users and other visitors to the services. You agree and agree to grant or allow your team members and other Service users to copy, distribute, edit and create spin-off works based on your project and project content, as permitted by the Services feature. The terms of use of Microsoft system fonts generally prohibit the downloading or redistribution of MS system fonts, but note that some licenses may be subject to Monotype`s “extended rights.” Monotype`s required “internal usage server license” appears to require payment. See, By purchasing Ant Design System for Figma (“Item”) or UX Toolkit for Figma (“Item”), you will get a license to use this file for specific purposes. This license grants the user a worldwide license to use the digital work (“article”), current and not exclusive. You are allowed to use purchased items to create unlimited finished products for yourself or your customers, and the final product can be sold, licensed, sub-conceded or distributed freely. Welcome to the figma website ( (the “website”).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully (the “Conditions”) as they govern your use of our website and our design tool services that are accessible through our website. In order to facilitate the legibility of these conditions, the website and our services are jointly referred to as “services.” Read the full text By purchasing a resource (“article”), you get a license to use these files for specific purposes under certain conditions. Subject to these conditions, the Services are made available free of charge to them up to certain limits and with limited functions. With the exception of educational use (see below), the use of these limits or access to certain functions requires the purchase of a subscription (“subscription”). The rights and obligations of your team members and team depend on the nature of the project team you choose (i.e. a free or paid subscription). For more details on the different types of subscriptions and the restrictions and features available related to the services, see any person who knowingly and under [Section 512 of the Copyright Act(17 U.C No.

512)] (1) knowingly misrepresents the violation of the material or activity, or (2) that the material or activity has been accidentally or improperly identified, is responsible for the damage suffered; including the legal fees and fees incurred by the alleged offender, by a copyright holder or licensee of the copyright holder or authorized licensee of the copyright holder or service provider aggrieved by such misrepresentation, because the service provider relies on such misrepresentation by deleting or disabling access to material or activity that has allegedly been infringed, or by replacing or no longer disabling the material removed.