Call Of Duty Modern Warfare License Agreement

Appropriate corrective action. They accept that Blizzard would be irreparably harmed if the terms of this agreement were not expressly respected and enforced. In this case, you agree that Blizzard is entitled to an appropriate exemption in the event of a violation of this agreement, without any obligation, no other guarantee or proof of damage; and that granting a fair exemption to Blizzard does not limit blizzard`s ability to obtain remedial action that, under existing legislation, is available by other means. To play games on the platform, you need to add a game license to an account that requires an authentication code generated by Blizzard. For gaming licenses purchased in the retail sector, the authentication code is either contained in the packaging materials or sent electronically. If you purchase a game digitally from Blizzard, the authentication code will be assigned to the account when you purchase the game. c. Beta-tests and real money functions. Some games may have features that allow you to purchase licenses for the use of digital objects or services via the game`s interface. If you purchase a license to use a digital item or service on the game`s user interface during a beta test, all purchases are subject to the terms of sale. Blizzard does not give you a refund for the purchase of an item or digital service, and in some cases, items or services purchased during a beta test cannot be converted to the sale version of a game. In these cases, Blizzard provides you with information explaining the credit you would get for your purchase of digital goods or services for real money during a beta test, once the beta test is complete. The current legislation.

For residents of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, this agreement is subject to the laws of your country of residence and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of your country of residence by a competent court in your country of residence. If you purchased your license for the game in New Zealand and reside in New Zealand, the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act of 1993 (“Act”) may apply to the game and/or Blizzard provided to you. If the law applies, you may have rights or remedies under the Act, regardless of other provisions of this licensing agreement, which may apply in addition to the rights or remedies provided for in this license agreement or, to the extent that they are inconsistent, in lieu of the rights or remedies provided for in this licence agreement.