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Home Network News HC : Beijing’s first electric service “boutique”?? Suning Fu Power Square will be officially opened on February 6, which is out in Beijing Suning the first SUNINGEL

IT E boutiques. According to the Beijing Suning development planning, SUNINGELITE boutique will open this year to five. This indicates that the capital market from the home appliance chain based on the geographical coverage,

Price war Extensive competition-based model to segment the market, caring service based full conversion of high-end models.

Learned, SUNIGN ELITE boutiques implement customized membership management system and members precision
Marketing System, all of a clearly does not have a complex form of promotion, but the integral and

Gift As the primary means of feedback, the price in one step, simple, consumer sales staff is the most intimate exclusive Shopping guide the electrical service.

Is worth mentioning that, SUNINGELITE boutiques with only one entrance before and after, to use the main entrance into the sub-entry out of the way, the customer entered the shop from the main entrance, could be used by

Illumination Xi-store shopping tour routes in order shopping, all kinds of electrical appliances. This store moving line through scientific planning and design, so customers can use intuition to find the intention of goods in order to achieve peace of mind peace of mind shopping.

The same time Mobile , Digital, computers are really a kind of machine, the display of all open ways for consumers to experience the freedom of choice means to make a purchase. This kind + shopping card dual combination of shopping, customers buy

Fitting , And small pieces of product, simply physical or self service shopping card to the cashier scan code can be quickly paid for shopping, to take such a combination of shopping process, you can save at least 30% of the shopping time consuming.

Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China Region, said that with China’s rapid economic development and per capita income growing year by year, the resulting increasing the proportion of white collar workers, for the opening of boutique provides the basis of consumer demand. China has become the fastest growing global middle class. It is understood that SUNINGELITE boutiques around the average area of 1,500 square meters -2,500 square meters, and were mainly chosen shoppingmall, high consumption of the core business district, high-end residential ancillary commercial, rail transportation hub of shops, the effective use of mature passenger, into the circle consumption.

Is noteworthy that after there are early adopters of high-end electrical appliances chain store chain, but in the end “without success.” To this end, the reporter noted, Suning Electric Boutique overwhelmed by the layout rather cautious on the high-end market, a detailed market research. According to the national membership database management platform, Suning, and each year’s annual consumer survey data from two sources, at present, China’s urban white-collar workers, enterprises and other high-end boutiques consumption on the electrical needs of the more urgent. 35% of consumers said that the opening of the SUNINGELITE high expectations.

Suning line cities in the country doing high-end consumer groups, thousands of survey questionnaires, the consumer groups on consumer demand for home appliances have a lot of features. For example, product demand changes from the functional aptitude of emotional needs, the main force for the purchase of high-end boutique, gift of rising demand; very seriously shopping time costs, the pursuit of consumption process simplification, so that price transparency in the activities, a point of supporting services.

In addition, these high intellectual, more affluent assertive, attention to product experience and unique properties, hoping to provide sales personnel with no tendency of the overall shopping solution; to pursue the trend of the brand’s fashion sense and extremely concerned about the freshness of the product; consumption is relatively concentrated area, and fine department stores, luxury, fashion and restaurant consumption is closely related.

“According to the characteristics of this consumer groups, Suning Appliance after a year of careful research and design, and in the international well-known commercial design firm in cooperation with RKD, developed SUNINGELITE boutique model.” Fan Zhijun said.

Suning the next three years are expected in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other domestic first-line market opened 100 SUNINGELITE boutiques.

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